Quest Peru takes you on a journey to greater awareness of self through ceremony work, mediation, clean foods, plant medicines, and ancient tradition. Each person's journey is unique because we all have different life experience. Our growth, healings, desires, and spiritual evolution is extremely individual. Our goal is to assist in the development of self to a higher version of YOURself. 

Peak season in Peru during the Winter Solstace & Festival of the Sun. Enjoy the 2nd largest festival in S. America  - no rain!

Darrin has been journeying to Peru since 2007. His premier quest changed his life and he's returned 2-3 times each year since.

After much exploring of Peru and it's healing practices, Darrin now brings his knowledge and connections to assist others in their own personal transformations. He also as taken the role of president for Niños del Sol orphanage in Sacred Valley




Transformational JourneyS



Long term service trips are available for the orphanage. Live in Peru and give the precious gift of time and love to the children of Ninos del Sol.

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Meditation Retreat



Peak season in Peru! Many festivities for

Inti Raymi during the winter solstace.