Transformational JourneyS

What you put in is what you get out


Prepping your body, setting intentions, taking the time to deeply think about what you are wanting to get out of your quest will be very helpful to you. Think of what traits about yourself that you would get rid of it you could. If you could shead those undesirable things and replace them with something better. What would you like to infuse into yourself? Setting intentions helps to set the tone of your journey and prepares the psyche for a shift.


Clean yourself


We invite you to rid your body of impurities which can hold emotional blocks in place and keep toxins stuck in tissues. The more you can put into the dietary preparations the better the healing process will be for you and the benefits will be far greater. We suggest a vegetarian diet two weeks before arriving in Peru. Avoid caffienne, sugar, alcohol, hot spices and pharmaceuticals which can lock your brain (anti-depressants and ADT/ADHT meds) .


All of us are on a path of spiritual evolution whether we know it or not. Becoming more aware can assist in us better guiding our path by better knowing one's self. Quest peru provides an amazing opportunity to dive into the self and gain vast realizations in a short time through:

  • Prepping the body to release toxins, emotional trauma, and blocks

  • Healthy environment to feel safe to release

  • Removing yourself from your daily life to a safe place where you feel comfortable

  • Plant medicines to assist in releasing blocks, emotion, and toxins

  • Ceremony work to help purge negative traits and infuse better ones

  • Visiting ancient sacred places to get in tune with higher vibrations

  • Volunteering time to those that are less fortunate and understand gratitude

No two people have exactly the same needs for healing or intentions of becoming. That's what is so beautiful about Quest Peru, all people on all levels can participate. Healing is like yoga - each experience can be put to use at whatever level you're at. Whether beginner or advanced, the work will meet you exactly where you are at. Extremely life-changing things happen on these journeys.